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About CUSV

California University Silicon Valley - CUSV - is a grad school in California where students learn from instructors with titles like CEO, CIO, CFO, COO, Sr Manager, Marketing SVP, Venture Fund Manager and other real industry positions. Based in the Sunnyvale, California, USA, California University Silicon Valley offers rigorous masters degree curriculums in Computer Science (MSCS), Computer Engineering (MSCE) and Business Administration - MBA, and also an undergraduate business degree [BBA]. Our Masters of Science [MSCS and MSCE] curricula teach students 100+ engineering software tools [programs] that are commonly sought after by real-world employers. Our BBA and MBA curricula teach students 40+ software skills that potential employers are looking for.

With your MSCE, MSCS, MBA degree, you will have 13 job advantages when competing for employment with graduates from ANY other university. Whether you are considering Harvard, Stanford, Santa Clara University, MIT, Georgia Tech, San Jose State, UCLA, or for that matter any other top grad school, you will want to choose CUSV to ensure your competitive advantage and maximize the NPV of your expected career income stream.

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Real world tools, Processes, Practices

For a PDF Poster of the Tools, Processes and Methodologies students will learn in the CUSV Masters Degree programs, please click here. To be mailed a free 13" x 19" color Business Tools Poster [BBA or MBA] or an Engineering Tools Poster [MSCS or MSCE] showing the software tools they will learn, please register with us by completing the “CUSV Contact Form”.

The CUSV vision recognizes that advanced education and value creation are synergistic. To realize this synergy, CUSV founders are engaged in a mission to change the traditional, research-oriented “academic model,” with its isolated, departmental “stove pipes,” to an integrated, inter-disciplinary, hands-on, tool-using “entrepreneurship model.”

Under this vision, instructors with real industry experience will train students to be proficient in real world tools, processes, practices and, most importantly, emerging technology and business trends. CUSV faculty are top industry experts who are engaged with leading Silicon Valley enterprises, such as IBM, Cisco, Intel, Oracle, SAP, Nvidia, Microsoft, NetApp and others, as well as venture capital firms that incubate new enterprises.

The technology industry is evolving at a faster pace than ever before, as seen in the meteoric adoption of mobile technologies, virtualization and cloud computing, the impact of social media, the globalization of business practices and newer risk and compliance models. Concomitantly, the business world is also changing. Witness the advent of new processes and software for Internet Marketing, such as PPC, SEO, SEM, and social media, such as Facebook and YouTube, in addition to Integrated Campaign Marketing across media with holistic campaigns and spending strategies. Not only has marketing automation advanced as evidenced by the recent buying binge by major tech firms of Market2Lead (Oracle), Unica (IBM), Aprimo (Teradata) and Assetlink (SAS) but sales force automation with CRM programs has also occurred with and Oracle's CRM On Demand.

IT productivity has changed all functions of business AND engineering. It is impossible to compete for jobs effectively without understanding the myriad of acronyms describing these productivity programs and, in particular, knowing how to use the tools critical to your specialty. In the last 10 years HRM, CRM, BI, ECM, BPM and GRC tools are now as needed as ECAD, MCAD, MRP, BPR and ERP were in the 1990s. These rapid advancements have left fresh graduates struggling to meet the demands of the industry when it comes time to compete for lucrative jobs and assignments.

CUSV programs provide our graduates with up to 12 competitive job advantage compared to other universities. These include Highest ROI Grad Degree, Proficiency in Industry Tools/Processes/Practices, Instructors with Industry Experience/Jobs, Early-on Industry Networking, 3-Phase Process, 4 Success Outcomes, Optional Tiger Coaches, Interleaved Trimesters of Business/Engineering Study, Entrepreneurial Thesis Project VC Committee, and Hierarchy of the Master Core Values

A Value-creation Engine

In addition to helping students master real world tools and trends, CUSV further offers an opportunity for students and faculty to incubate innovative ideas and bring them to market. With its unique venture capital investment arm, CUSV combines entrepreneurship and education.

CUSV achieves this vision through the passion of its founders, who have started and sold three successful startups to Cisco, Extreme Network and McAfee Corp. We believe our students will benefit from engaging with the industry leaders who are faculty members at CUSV and participating in a unique technology and business incubation process to create immense value. With these advantages, CUSV ensures students experience what makes Silicon Valley the startup capital of the world!

CUSV, A value creation engine, business, engineering, entrepreneurship, venture capital incubator

Our core values include gender and race equality, sharing, working hard and being honest, contentment, selfless service and our belief in the Hierarchy of the Master - where someday a great student will become the master's master. Are you that student? Welcome to CUSV.

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